LAHORE - Following the 50 per cent increase in the stipend of the trainee medical officers by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPk) government, Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Punjab chapter and Young Doctors Association (YDA) met on Saturday and pledged to accelerate their protest for their long standing demands of pay raise and regularisation of their peers after a few days, said a young doctor. He said that the PMA and YDA were silent for the reason that people were observing protest over the tragic incident of terrorist attacks on Data Darbar and in such situation they would show solidarity with the aggrieved people. He said after the normalisation of the situation they would come on roads with more zeal to protest in favour of their demands. While appreciating the decision of KPk government regarding increase of pays a doctor said that Finance Minister, Minister Information and Secretary Health while announcing the decision of raise in a press conference said that ANP government always believed in dialogues and not in confrontation. Whereas Punjab government was not even ready to listen the doctors who had been staging protest demonstrations since long in the Punjab and especially in the Provincial headquarter. It is worth mentioning here that YDA and PMA were demanding increase in their salaries saying that their Medical Officers were drawing salary even less than a police constable. It was decided in the meeting that salary of House Officer who at present is drawing Rs18,000 per month should be increased up to Rs35,000 per month, similarly Medical Officer from Rs19,000 to Rs80,000, Senior Registrar from Rs28,000 to Rs150,000, Assistant Professor from Rs28,000 and 32,000 to Rs250,000, Associate Professor from Rs40,000 to Rs350,000 and Professor who is drawing Rs 60,000 should be given Rs500,000 salary per month. The doctors claimed that they were claiming more salaries to stop brain drain from the country as Saudi Arabian government was offering huge salary packages to the doctors and many doctors have left the country. A doctor said that PMA and YDA were agreed on the point that government may ban the private practice of the professors and there should be non practicing allowance for them and they should be made bound to serve in the hospitals from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Private practice should be optional for every doctor and those who do not prefer it they should be given reasonable non-practicing allowances. The issue of the regularisation of the doctors was also discussed at length in the meeting and it was also decided that it would also be on top priority of the PMA and YDA.