The wounds of massacre against Ahmedis in Lahore were still fresh when the sad incident at Data Darbar happened. Forty-five precious lives were lost, 175 injured beside the countless others that were injured spiritually. The shrine of Data Darbar has been a place of prime significance among those following the creed of Sufism. The halls and stairways of this mausoleum that once reverberated with chants of the worshippers were engulfed in screams of agony. The arches and domes that inspired sense of spirituality and serenity were riven with bullets and ball-bearings that were used to sear innocent flesh. In my view, this was done as a conspiracy to create a rift among different factions of the Muslims. The Ahmedi massacre and the one at Data Darbar are links of the same chain that are being pulled one after the other to draw out the monster of sectarian violence. The militants have lost the war due to strong retaliation by the Pakistan Army with support of the general public. As one last attempt to salvage some bit for their floundering campaign of terror, they want to divide the public on basis of religion. There might be more such attempts in future. But we should stay united and show them that acts like these would only strengthen our resolve to fight back. RASHID SALEEM, Islamabad, July 2.