ISLAMABAD (APP) - The food exports from the country have witnessed 7.92 percent increase during July-May, 2009-10, as against the corresponding period of last year. The overall food exports stood at $2.992b during the period under review as against the exports of $2.773b during July-May (2009-10), according to data provided by Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS). Among the food groups, highest increase was witnessed in the exports of vegetables which grew by 64.95pc by going up from $66.608m last year to $109.870m during the current financial year. This was followed by fruits, exports of which grew by 57.47pc. Fruit exports during current year were recorded at $224.157m against the exports of $142.346b during last year. The overall rice group exports were recorded at $1.979b against $1.832b during last year, showing an increase of 8pc. However, the exports of basmati rice declined by 21.65pc while that of other rice quantities increased by 42.70pc, the data revealed. Exports of tobacco increased by 17.29pc, spices by 31.38pc while the exports of meat and meat preparations increased by 39pc. The food products witnessing negative growth in exports during the period under review included leguminous vegetables (pulses), exports of which decreased by 99.03pc. Similarly, exports of wheat decreased by 98.53 pc, oil seeds, nuts and keneral by 51.03pc, sugar by 100pc while exports of all other food items fell by 3.62pc.