FEDERAL Law Minister Babar Awan had to face a humiliating situation when a lawyer rejected to accept a reward of Rs50,000 from him on Saturday, alleging that the minister was trying to buy lawyers with money. According to a private TV channel, during his visit to the Pattoki Bar, Babar Awan announced a reward of Rs50,000 for senior lawyer Yasin, who refused to accept the money and accused the government of trying to buy lawyers to prolong its rule. Every lawyer is not a commodity on sale, Yasin was quoted as saying by the TV channel. Babar Awan Sahib, you are to me like elder brother. Years ago, the policy had it 'to divide and rule, which has turned now into 'buy and rule, the lawyer added. Agencies add: Babar Awan Saturday said dictators doors had been closed after the passage of the 18th Amendment. Now no dictator will derail democracy by ambushing an democratic government, he said while addressing the Pattoki Bar Association. Appreciating the role of the lawyers community for the restoration of independence judiciary in the country, he said No one can stop me from meeting lawyers. Babar said grants for bar associations were a routine matter and they were also awarded by the previous governments. He announced that residential colonies for lawyers would be constructed across the country and for the purpose the federal government would provide land while the provincial governments could be approached for development expenditures. Criticising political elements who had supported dictators in the past, he said the elements could not destabilise democracy as the lawyers community was standing shoulder-to-shoulder by the government to foil their nefarious designs. The law minister announced a grant of one million rupees for the Pattoki Bar Association and Rs200,000 for construction of a shed in the court. Earlier, addressing the Chichawatni Bar Association, he said the lawyers community had made huge sacrifices for restoration of judiciary. Rejecting an impression of bargaining with lawyers to change their loyalties, he said the PPP did not believe in 'briefcase politics. Babar handed over a cheque of Rs1.5 million for the under-construction building of the bar association and granted Rs500,000 for the welfare of female lawyers. He also gave away a cheque of Rs100,000 to the family of the late Rana Tahir advocate. The law minister also granted Rs100,000 to the local press club. Later, the minister administered oath to the newly elected office-bearers of the bar and gave away certificates to those who took active part in the judiciary movement. Meanwhile, addressing a reception hosted by Peoples Lawyers Forum at Pakpattan Chowk in Sahiwal on Saturday, Babar Awan said he will run campaign for next elections along with Bilawal Bhutto and will clean sweep Nawaz Sharif in Punjab. He alleged that Nawaz Sharif was hiding himself. 'Pervez Musharraf had fled from the country but his stooges were hatching conspiracies against the sitting government, he said. Nawaz also ran away from the country but President Asif Zardari faced dictatorship valiantly, he added. Punjab government had failed and rulers were resting in their air-conditioned rooms. They should quit 'Takhte Lahore and focus on the problems faced by the people, he said.