KARACHI (APP) - Government of Pakistan will ensure all assistance to UN based orgnisations, the local NGOs and multinational companies to supply affordable (CFC-MDI) Chlorofluorocarbon-Metered Dose Inhalers to free inhalers for the treatment of asthma patients, said Federal Minister for Environment Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi. Addressing a presentation on Clean Development Mechanism organised here Saturday, he said that CFC based inhalers were not only economical and easily affordable to the patients but are highly useful for the treatment of asthma patients. The emission of CFC in the air damages the ozone layer which ultimately allows harmful Ultraviolet-B radiations of the Sun on the Earth and cause skin cancer, cataract (blindness), skin aging and suppression of body immune system. The Minister said that developing countries including Pakistan were facing various challenges to get rid of this problem. He said the CFC phase out in MDIs manufacturing poses a challenge to Pakistan like many other regional countries. In Pakistan, three Karachi based pharmaceutical industries including GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Zafa Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. Ad Macter Pvt. International were catering the needs for about 25 million people of Pakistan suffering from asthma and other such diseases. He was of the opinion that the industry in Pakistan needs further international assistance to meet the task. The Minister appreciated the collaborative efforts being made by Ozone Cell, Ministry of Environment and the implementing agencies (UNEP and UNDP) for the conversion of CFC based MDI industry into ozone friendly technology. Pakistan along with other 196 countries is signatory to Montreal Protocol under which countries have been banned for the use of 1st generation of ODSs from December 31, 2009.