ISLAMABAD In complete haste and confusion the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) after making mass reshuffle in the department has now abolished a special cell exclusively dealing with the irregularities of the fake housing schemes. A senior official of the department informed that former Chairman NAB Naweed Ahsan keeping in view the mushroom growth of fake housing societies had established a special cell under the head of Col (Retd) Niaz to look into the loot and plunder by these fake housing societies. But soon after assuming the charge of Acting Chairman NAB, Javid Zia Qazi, who had joined Deputy Chairman, not only initiated scrutiny of all the pending cases and inquiries to withdraw all those cases, which could not be proved in the courts of law for want of proofs, had also decided to abolish the special cell dealing exclusively with the fraud and corruption being done by the fake housing societies. The sources in the department informed that the process of cases withdrawal against political bigwigs has been halted for the time being and the plan would be put in practice once the hue and cry in media about it would die down. The sources further said that the special cell was abolished on the plea that the NAB investigation department would look after it along with other cases and the special cell for dealing with fake housing societies would be waste of resources and manpower. But the fact of the matter, the sources informed, was to let certain powerful people in the business off the hook. The sources in the department informed that now the top hierarchy of the department was dancing at the tune of the Ministry of Law and they were out to completely cripple the department in all respects. The sources in the department further informed that it had also removed the statement warning the people against the fraudulent dealing of some fake housing societies from its website. These sources further said that all the actions of the special cell dealing with the frauds being committed by various fake housing societies were also halted forthwith till further order. Meanwhile, in a reshuffle around a dozen senior officials were removed from their posts and some of them were even posted to other stations in the regional offices, as, according to some insiders, they were not fitting in the way incumbent NAB management is being run.