ISLAMABAD Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) management has yet to recover circular debt amount to Rs.80 billion including late payment surcharges from oil and gas marketing companies, source informed TheNation on Saturday. According to the documents available with TheNation, the OGDCL management wrote a letter No.2200-100622 to the ministry of finance that described the outstanding amount of Rs.80b including late payment surcharge as of 22nd June, 2010. The amount is outstanding for the products of crude oil, gas, white products, LPG and others. The companies those have to pay the outstanding includes SNGL Rs.13 billion, ARL Rs.21 billion, SSGL Rs.16 billion, NRL Rs.10 billion, and PRL Rs.8 billion, PARCO Rs.3.2 billion, Byco Petroleum Rs.5 billion, Uch Power Limited Rs.3 billion, FKSL and small amounts from PSO, Shell, Chevron, Admore. According to the inside sources, due to non-recovery from said companies OGDCL will affect the productivity of the company as it has caused delay in Och-II power project. Moreover the development of gas discovered project would suffer due to non-recovery. Beside that the further exploration activities across Pakistan have slowed downed, sources further added. Spokesman OGDCL said that OGDCL have enough financial sources to continue its project. However, the amount to be recovered may strengthen the financial position of the company. To a question, he said, non-recovery of circular debts were not causing closure or suspension of any project. He added that OGDCL has no liability to pay the money except to receive from its clients.