KARACHI - National Trade Union Federation on Saturday alleged that Gadani Police were harassing the ship-breaking workers since the announcement of their indefinite strike. Nasir Mansoor, deputy general secretary of the union, said that the labourers of the Gadani shipyard were being forced to withdraw from their protest campaign. Around 5,000 workers from the Gadani shipyards have announced their intention to go on indefinite strike beginning from July 5 (tomorrow). He said that thousands of workers of the ship-breaking industry had been suffering from pathetic conditions in the coastal town of Gadani, Balochistan. The workers have been deprived of the basic necessities and their fundamental rights under the laws of the land. The industry that yearly yields billions of rupees and is the source of much of the steel used in other industries, its workers were considering themselves the victims of heinous exploitation. He added that the workers are not provided with the basic needs of life. He demanded raise in the wages of the workers of the ship-breaking industries and regularise their jobs and provide basic facilities. He also demanded to bring health and safety provisions up to the standard, and register them with the governments social programmes (especially social security and OBI). Earlier, on June 15, thousands of workers of the said industry went on a three-day strike for their demands but local authorities while attempting to end the strike started harassment and intimidating the workers. In this regard, the police, and the Anti-Terrorist Task Force started baton charge and fired tear-gas on the workers to disperse the protesters in Gadani. The labourers representative mentioned here that around 140 ships are kept at Gadani. Each of these weighs about 30,000 tonnes, and its dismantling requires about 200 to 250 workers working for three months. The scrap metal is sold for Rs45,000 per ton, while each workers daily pay is about 300 rupees.