NEW YORK - Senator Sardar Mohammad Latif Khan Khosa, who is an adviser to the prime minister, has urged the superior judiciary to dispel an impression being created among people that some of its actions were not impartial. At the same time, he said that the PPP government wants a strong judiciary, but expects it to be just. Speaking at a gathering organised by PPP of New York State, Khosa, a former attorney general, said that some of big names in the campaign for the restoration of judges Aitzaz Ahsan, Ali Ahmad Kurd, Justice Tariq Mahmood and Athar Minallah were no longer supporting the direction taken by the judiciary. We dont want confrontation with the judiciary, nor there will be any clash with it, he said at the event held in Brooklyn, a borough of New York City. Khosa, who is here at the head of Pakistans delegation to the high-level segment of UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), said all state institutions should work within their constitutional ambit for the collective good and for the welfare of the masses. He said the PPP government should be the one to be given the credit for restoring the judges sacked by the Musharraf regime, and not some long or short march. Having badly suffered at the hands of judiciary in the past, the PPP has every reason to ensure an independent judiciary, he said. The PPP government was pursuing a policy of tolerance and reconciliation in an effort to strengthen the country, he said and added that there was not a single political prisoner in Pakistan, nor any politically-motivated cases have been registered against any one. Replying to a question about the money being given to bar associations and bar councils across the country, he said it was meant for the welfare of lawyers. The amount was allocated in the countrys budget approved by Parliament, he said. Khosa said he could not understand the criticism being levelled against Law Minister Babar Awan. After all, he added, the money has to be delivered by the law minister. They are accepting the money approved by the people of Pakistan through their representative in Parliament. He said the money was the right of the countrys bar associations and bar councils under legislation. There was nothing sinister about it, Khosa said, adding that lawyers could not be bought as they have proven themselves over the years. Those who say that the money was being given to win over the lawyers were insulting them, he said. Khosa said that lawyers pay lakhs of rupees in taxes annually, not just Rs. 5,000 like the head of a political party.