LAHORE - Sunni Ittehad Council on Saturday announced to launch a prolonged protest movement against the incident of bomb blasts at Data Darbar and killing of innocent devotees. Chairman Sunni Ittehad Council Sahibzada Fazal Karim addressing an emergency Press conference at Lahore Press Club (LPC), accompanied by other leaders, said that the Saturdays complete shutterdown strike and wheel jam was an eye-opener for the enemies of Islam and majority sect Sunnis who would not tolerate any attempt to desecrate the holy places and personalities. He paid tribute to traders and businessmen for observing complete shutterdown on the call of his organisation to protest Data Darbar tragedy. Expressing outrage over the vicious attack on the most sacred shrine of the Sub-continent to which the people have emotional attachment, the Sunni leaders vowed to take revenge. In this connection the Council also announced to hold an 'Ulema-o-Mashaikh Convention on July 8 in Lahore to mobilise the Sunni sect for an organised and effective protest movement to express resentment against bomb blast tragedy. Fazal said the July 8 convention would be attended by Ulema, heads of religious seminaries and those attached with different shrines in all the four provinces and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. He said the convention would announce a strategy to resist increasing Talibanisation in the country. He said that Saturdays countrywide strike had already proved that people of Pakistan hated terrorist activities in the name of religion and Jihad. Fazal Karim said that terrorist attack at Data Ganj Bukhsh shrine was an attempt to frustrate patriotic elements deviate them from the path of peace. However, he said that religious circles would foil this conspiracy. He urged the government to launch a crackdown with full force to crush the terrorist organisations and eliminate terrorism from the country. He also called upon the federal and provincial governments to dismiss those cabinet members who are sympathisers to Taliban. He said that the government should formulate laws to declare terrorism and harbouring of terrorists in any form a heinous crime. He also demanded confiscation of books and literature written against saints and religious deities. Meanwhile, various religious and political organisations continued condemning in strongest possible words the heinous act of terrorism at Data Darbar. An emergency meeting of Bazme Lasani said the government had failed to foil the terrorist attacks and protect life and property of the peaceful citizens. The meeting said that gruesome attack on shrine would not be tolerated any more. Peoples Labour Bureau also strongly slammed the attack. Provincial minister Ashraf Sohna addressing PLB on Saturday said the nation would undo terrorists by forging unity. Hisbut Tehrir while strongly condemning the incident said the Black Water and the rulers, once again drenched Lahore with blood by attacking Data Sahib shrine. A spokesman of the organisation said Black Water was involved in attacks on Islamic universities, madaris, mosques and shrines.