Yesterdays barbaric act at Data Darbar, a holy shrine in Lahore associated with peace and harmony, reflects the true mentality of Taliban. The attack on Ahmediya community and the blasts at Hall Road Lahore are all inter-connected to such an extent that one tends to think of all these with reference to what happened in Swat. The Ahmedis were targeted for the simple reason that minorities have always been a soft target and one can easily get away with even murder against them. The Taliban, you might recall, had begun with persecution of the Sikh community in Swat. The attack on Hall Road was targeted at the CD shops and was menacingly reminiscent of such attacks in Swat. Yesterdays acts are in line with the Al-Qaeda ideology that corresponds to that of a particular sect whose followers were involved in desecration of the shrine of Rehman Baba in Peshawar. Data Darbar has been a source and symbol of enlightenment and peaceful coexistence, a strong negation of the creed of hate preached by Taliban. We need to protect and promote the pluralistic symbols and traditions of Sufism to stop Talibanization. -AMMAR ZAFARU-LLAH, Islamabad, July 2.