ISLAMABAD   -  Parliamentary opposition parties are likely to tender en-masse resignations from parliamentary committee to probe the rigging allegations [in elections2018] in a couple of days.

The opposition parties were to take the decision of distancing from the parliamentary committee to probe rigging allegations in elections 2018 on last Tuesday during ‘Rehbar committee meeting’ but the meeting was

postponed due to arrest of PML-N senior MNA Rana Sanna Ullah. “We (opposition parties) have not changed our decision of tendering resignations from parliamentary committee,” said PML-N’s senior MNA Ahsan Iqbal, talking to the Nation.

The meeting of parliamentary committee to probe the allegations of election 2018 was not held in last four months, which clearly show the seriousness of government.  “It was a matter of serious nature so this committee should have been convened till reaching on any consensus,” he said, hinting to tender resignations in the ‘Rehbar committee meeting’.

Opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif, a couple of days before, had announced to jointly give resignations from the committee formed to probe rigging allegations.

Shehbaz Sharif said that all the parliamentary parties had unanimously taken the decision not to become part of this committee.

The government and the opposition had agreed to form this committee after holding number of parleys in the parliament.

Sources said that the Rehbar committee meeting will be held during the current week to formulate a strategy for future course of action against PTI’s government.