KARACHI - A mega water project for Karachi city K-IV, which was planned keeping in view the future need of water in the metropolis, has been approved by the Sindh government and its PC-I is under process while treatment plant for industrial and domestic waste to save the Arabian Sea from pollution would also be installed in the city, besides the work on the installation of 35MW power plant at Dhabeji pumping station by the end of June, The Nation has learnt on Tuesday. Karachi city is receiving 650MGD water currently and K-IV comprising 150MGD water would be the latest addition. MD KWSB Suleman Chandio told The Nation that Sindh government has given green signal for launching the K-IV water project for Karachi city and its PC-I is under process. He said that 100MGD water project took three years to bring water in the city. But KWSB would strive for K-IV, which comprises on 150MGD, during the same period through Indus reservoir. Suleman Chandio said when he took charge as head of the board he had focused on two main things, first to provide water to each and every house of the city and second the sewerage and waste of the city would be disposed of through treatment plants to save the Arabian Sea from pollution. He mentioned that KWSB was committed to serve the citizens with cooperation of the CDGK, town administrations and UCs so that water supply and sewerage system could be maintained. Chandio further said the KWSB has serious reservations with the KESC on the schedule of loadshedding, which is severely affecting water supply from small pumping stations. He expressed surprise on the power breakdown on the two main pumping stations two days ago, which were exempted from loadshedding. Suleman Chandio said that KWSB pays Rs 1.75 billion per month to the KESC in the head of the electricity bills thus KESC is morally bound to provide electricity to the institution. He said that main pumping stations are exempted from loadshedding adding KWSB is consulting with KESC to exempt 150 small pumping stations from power outage. He said there are two types of waste being thrown in the Arabian Sea namely industrial waste and domestic waste. The total waste of the city is 400 MGD, which is being daily dumped in the sea. Out of 400 MGD, only 100 MGD is treated at present, he added. Chandio further said that KWSB would start S-3 project for treatment of sewerage waste but industrial waste is not included in this project and a separate plant would be installed for this purpose at all the four industrial areas in the city including SITE, Landhi -Korangi, F.B.Area and North Karachi industrial area. He applauded the CDGK and town administrations' role in the supply of water and maintaining sewerage system. MD KWSB maintained that only 3 per cent water is being supplied through water tankers. He said that in katchi abadies and industrial areas, where industries are booming and their water needs increasing and on these tankers are very useful in the supply of water. He maintained that in advanced countries, water supply through tanker system is in vogue due to its importance. But KWSB is committed to further reduce the water supply through tankers for various reasons.