Your kind attention is invited towards the Quaid-e-Azam Public College Gujranwala, which is an autonomous, trust institution that is being grossly mismanaged. The college affairs are looked after by the D.C.O Gujranwala in addition to his other duties. There are about 2000 students in the school from whom a very high fee is charged for a public institution. There is about 200 school staff working under very harsh conditions. A new Principal, ex-serviceman Lt. CoI. Muhammad Sarwar took over the charge in 2006 and abolished the modern 'English-medium' system. Since then there has been no educational planning here. New teachers were inducted in grade-18 from Faisalabad. The parents and staff are annoyed and remain unsatisfied. There is no policy, no consultation no coordination. Mr Principal has become a symbol of arbitrary authority who runs the college on his whims without even caring for the government policy. Mr Principal has also employed other ex servicemen on the staff ignoring the local applicants. Just imagine, first and second-class MSc. candidates were deprived of the jobs opportunity. His narrow approach and peevish attitude is cause of a lot of resentment here. - ABBAS AKHTER, Gujranwala, May 15.