KARACHI (APP) - Heads of varied medical and surgical departments at Civil Hospital Karachi have underscored need for absolute transparency and accountability in context of procurement of different medical gadgets as well as medicines and other essential items. Talking to APP here Tuesday, they said that experience over the years has shown that gadgets procured against heavy costs could not last long not only because of poor management but also because sale deed had little or no provision for easy availability of important components and parts. They observed that there had been frequent instances when instead of models with spare parts easily available those were preferred which were found to be comparatively obsolete, also without provision for replacement of worn out components. "Lack of transparency and accountability could be gauged from the fact that sale deed made or tenders accepted often were found with no condition for replacement of components even during initial phases," a senior professor said. The professionals also had their serious reservations with regard to Works Department and referred to depleted status of the building that housed different wards. In context of the Board of Governors constituted at CHK, the doctors maintained that not much difference in the situation could be registered and it was ironical that while no facilities for patients were registered yet hefty salary packages and allowances were offered to the people assigned to protect interest of the patients. They said accountability and transparency is required right from top to bottom so that the change in culture is ensured engendering a sense of responsibility and protection of rights among both the hospital doctors, staffers and patients.