IT'S not every chap who can give a flying lesson without an aeroplane. But wildlife expert Gary Zammit manages by flapping his arms and issuing the occasional squawk. His pupil is Dude, a three-month-old heron whose family was killed during a storm when he was a tiny chick. He was passed on to Zammit, 42, who decided to hand-rear him at his family home in Redruth, Cornwall. Without its mother the young chick was unable to learn to take to the skies so his surrogate father began some basic flying lessons. Gary began running in a field with food in his pockets so Dude would follow him and build up his strength. He then began waving his arms and making a squawking noise until the bird copied him - and eventually took off. Now 'Dude' regularly soars at 70ft - and always comes back when called.             - Daily Mail