After a brief lull, the militants have carried out another suicide attack on May 18 close to the gates of an army training centre in Mardan, killing 13 people, including four security personnel. No group has so far claimed the responsibility but it looks like work of the militants linked to Taliban and Al-Qaeda whose spokesman in Darra Adamkhel had threatened the government with "dire consequences" if the military activity was not stopped. This attack has occurred at a time when the militants have struck peace deals with government at some places while at others, peace negotiations are going on. Political norms and ethics of fighting demand that such attacks are usually not launched while a truce is being observed or talks are in process. May be its not the militants but some other player that does not want peace. America has already declared it is opposed to peace talks with militants. There are a number of other regional and international players who are all out to sabotage this process. This is, however, clear that some elements, if not all, from within the militants are playing in the hands of these players to execute their sabotage plans. It is advisable for the government not to bow before their pressure, and go for handling the terror issue its own way. At the same time, the government and security agencies need to remain extra vigilant against enemy moves aimed at disrupting peace and harming the country. -ESCHMALL SARDAR, Peshawar, via e-mail, May 19.