LAHORE - After the clocks have been put ahead by an hour from last Saturday, passengers at Allama Iqbal International Airport are facing problems regarding their flights timings as most of them have not updated their clocks in accordance with the change of standard time of Pakistan, sources in the Civil Aviation Authority said here on Tuesday. A flight inquiry official seeking anonymity said that after the change in time by the government, problems cropped up for the passengers and staff of Flight Inquiry CAA. "People are so simple that most of them have not adjusted their clocks and when they inquire about their flight time they repeatedly ask whether it is according to the new or old time", said a flight inquiry staffer. He said that there was dire need to run a awareness campaign for the people about putting the clocks forward, as not only aged and less educated but also well educated people question them about the time. To a question that which class were confused over the change of time, he said people from every walk of life were confused over this change. A flight inquiry staffer said that flight timings were partly changed while timings of international flights were rearranged like Pk-757 departure time, according to the old time was 10:30am and now it has been fixed at 11:30. Similarly Thai airline's flight arrival time was 10:30am which has been converted into 11:30am while its departure earlier was 11:45am and now it has been fixed as 12:55. Arrival of Qatar Airways flight was 3:30pm and according to the new timings its arrival time is 4:30pm. The sources said that though it was confusion for the first two days when clocks were put forward but now there was not much problem and travellers and their relatives contact our flight inquiry service before leaving for the airport. A traveller Asif Mehmood waiting for his flight departure said that he arrived the airport at the eleventh hour, as he was ignorant about the change of time. Private airlines management has asked their travel agents to inform their passengers about the change of time but most of the agents have not complied with their instructions.