LAHORE - Editor-in-Chief The Nation, Majid Nizami has warned of public revolution in case problems are not sorted out through political dialogue. The present critical situation demands that Pervez Musharraf should quit the power immediately and the parties, which got the mandate to rule, must settle down things through dialogue. Otherwise the masses, whose life is hard press at present, will be obliged to take to revolution and the country will be at high stake. God forbid if the revolution got the magnitude of that French or the Russian, Mr Nizami said while speaking at a function arranged in his honour by PML-N Lawyers Forum here on Tuesday. President of the forum Khwaja Mahmood Ahmad presented welcome address while Dr Rafiq Ahmad, Justice (r) Khalilur Rahman Khan, Justice (r) MA Sial, president LHCBA Anwar Kamal, secretary Rana Asadullah Khan, former vice president LHCBA, Miss Firdous Butt, Azizul Haq Qureshi, Rafiq Rajwana, Pervez Malik, Mian Farooq, Wali Muhammad Khan among others graced the occasion. Throwing light on the current situation, Majid Nizami said that PPP and PML-N got mandate in the last elections but unfortunately they were political rivals and differed in character. In this situation, he said, General Pervez Musharraf was ambitious to have a lifetime stay as president and for that end, he offered Asif Ali Zardari the bait of NRO and gave him gift through it one by one, the last being to his mother in law. The NRO has benefited Zardari with millions of dollars and now he was doing a noorakushti (fixed bout) by accepting impeachment of Musharraf to please Mian Nawaz Sharif in order to keep Sharifs in the folds of his coalition. But Mian Nawaz Sharif is adamant on his stand and that is why Zardari is having a lunch with Shahbaz Sharif and how the latter found his food, the time has to tell. Nizami said America was exploiting the situation to support Musharraf notwithstanding the fact that mandate of the Bush government was itself about to end while the situation in Pakistan was becoming ghastly with the stay of Musharraf in power. People had nothing to eat which might drive them to stand up for revolution. And if that happened, the country will be in a very serious problem, he said, stressing on the two main political partiers to take stock of the situation and settle down things through dialogue. He also prayed to Allah for giving sense to Musharraf and he quits the power to let the country have a president acceptable to all the people. Majid Nizami also asked the lawyers to remain prepared to respond to the call of long march given by Aitzaz Ahsan. He praised services of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan for the country and felt sorry that despite the fact he made defence of the country impregnable, he had been continuously under house arrest. He recalled the time when Pakistan exploded the nuclear bombs, adding it was great credit to Dr Khan that he enabled Pakistan to counter Indian aggression. But regrettably Dr Khan was being penalised for it. He said inspite of seven months ban on the advertisements to his group of publications by the government he had continued the campaign for the release of Dr Khan. He again demanded of the present government to release Dr Khan without any delay and reciprocating this gesture of the veteran journalist with 46 years' professional life, the forum also demanded immediate release of Dr Khan as well as restoration of the deposed judges. Nizami recollected the time when some misunderstanding developed between Dr Khan and the then prime minister Nawaz Sharif and he had factored their meeting at Raiwind which worked to reconcile them. He said when Nawaz Sharif sought his opinion on nuclear test blasts, he had openly asked him to go for the blasts otherwise the nation would 'blast' him (Nawaz Sharif) and he did the same braving every threat from America. On the Kashmiris freedom from the India yoke, he said, India had made the Kashmiris its slave and they were paying heavy price to annex with Pakistan. He said freedom of Kashmir had to complete Pakistan and for that purpose sprit of jihad was required. Majid Nizami said during his life he never bowed down before the dictators and the rulers, whether it was military government or the civil, his Group faced the pressure, serious difficulties and cases only for upholding the truth but he never faltered in his mission. He said Pervez Musharraf after 9/11 surrendered to a single telephone call from Colen Powell and Musharraf got annoyed with him when he made him realised of his submissive attitude before America following which, he abandoned inviting him to the editors meetings. He said ZA Bhutto was frank friend whom he invited to the politics after Ayub Khan expelled from his cabinet and he was being tried. He said when J Rahim prepared PPP manifesto, he questioned Bhutto for raising therein the slogan of Islamic socialism instead of Islamic uniformity as the former had to divert the direction of Pakistan from Mekkah to Moscow. This, he added, made his ties with Bhutto hot and cold, however, he never abandoned telling the truth in front of the rulers. He said through his publications he was doing a mission and not business and would continue this mission under every circumstances. Khwaja Mahmood Ahmad in his address said courage and services of Mr Nizami would be remembered throughout history of the country. He specially mentioned the last eight years, during which, he said, the Nawa-I-Waqt group played a remarkable role defying every pressure of a dictatorial government. He said whether it was Kashmir issue, Dr AQ Khan's release, Pervez Musharraf's unconstitutional step of removing the judges, or the price-hike and unemployment, Nawa-I-Waqt had been irrepressible and bold and the people were proud that they had someone who still cherished the truth and showed them the same.