LAHORE - There have been various reports on Muhammad Asif's detention in the media at the Dubai Airport for allegedly possessing drugs. One television channel claimed that Asif was released after the government-to-government negotiations and will be flying back home on the first available flight. But the PCB officials have denied any such development. Another TV report quoted Asif as saying that he was implicated following a brawl with officials at Dubai airport. The channel claimed that Asif was drunk and got into an argument with airport officials which led to the brawl. The channel further said the pacer told them that the authorities recovered a small quantity of Shilajit, an ayurvedic medicine to boost sexual strength, in his wallet and charged him with possession of opium instead. But earlier reports said that opium was found from Asif's luggage. Another TV report quoted Pakistan Cricket Board Director Human Resources Nadeem Akram, who is in Dubai, as saying that they did not know of any slapping incident. "I really don't know because neither Asif nor the local authorities have mentioned about this to me," Akram said. "Right now he is in detention at the airport and the case will go before the public prosecutor. If it is proved he had a banned illegal contraband item on him, he will be charge-sheeted. But we don't want to jump to conclusions right now," he said. Another report suggested that the stuff held from his possession has been sent for tests and its results are being awaited for further action. Another news item said that blood sample of Asif had been taken and reports were awaited. However, the PCB has shown eagerness towards getting Asif's out of the trouble. PCB Chief Operating Officer Shafqat Naghmi said that if he returns he is innocent. "Asif was detained on Sunday," Naghmi said. "We don't have all the details right now about why he was. Authorities in Dubai are still investigating. We do know that it was about something Asif had in his possession. But we stress that no charges have yet been laid against him." Naghmi said the board was hoping the case was a mistake of some kind, but owing to the gravity of the situation, the Pakistan Embassy in Dubai had been alerted. "We hope this has been some sort of mistake. We are just hoping that Asif gets back as soon as possible, hopefully in time, for the Bangladesh tri-series." Right now there is no charge-sheet against him."