LAHORE - PML-N Quaid and former premier Nawaz Sharif has demanded the setting up of a commission to probe into the Kargil "blunder". He also demanded of the government to institute a treason case against Musharraf for his actions with respect to overthrowing the elected government on October 12, 1999 and imposing emergency on November 3 last year. According to him, his stand that he was kept in dark about the 1999 operation by the then Pakistan army chief Pervez Musharraf had been vindicated. Nawaz Sharif said this while talking to newsmen before leaving for London on Tuesday. Referring to revelations made by Lt Gen (r) Jamshed Gulzar Kayani, a former aide of Musharraf, in an interview on Monday night that Sharif was not initially aware of the Army's plan visa-a-vis Kargil but later on learning about it, he offered to support the operation as long as it met success. "I have been asking for a commission to probe the Kargil issue for a very long time. (Kayani said last night) that Kargil was a very big blunder committed by Musharraf; it was a misadventure that was a major failure," Sharif said. Holding Musharraf responsible for the intrusion by Pakistani troops into the Kargil sector of Jammu and Kashmir, Sharif, whose PML-N is part of the ruling coalition, said a commission should be set up to probe into the episode. Sharif said: "Dictatorship is the enemy of Pakistan and every Pakistani says there should now be accountability and Musharraf should be tried". Sharif said he had travelled to the US to meet the then President Bill Clinton to work out modalities to end the conflict in order to protect the dignity of Pakistan's armed forces. "I took the burden on my shoulders and I did not let anything blemish the armed forces of Pakistan," he said. "What Musharraf told me was different from what he told to the army. Musharraf said Nawaz Sharif was saying we should surrender, but that was a big lie. I played a role to save the dignity of the army," Sharif said. Meanwhile, Kayani, who served in the Inter-Services Intelligence, also told a private TV channel in a separate interview that besides Sharif, the Air Force and Navy Chiefs, a majority of the army's corps commanders, the Director General of Military Operations and the ISI were kept in the dark during the initial stages of the Kargil operation. Kayani said besides Musharraf, the then commander of the Rawalpindi-based 10 Corps, Lt Gen Mahmood Ahmed, then Chief of General Staff, Lt Gen Muhammad Aziz, and then Force Commander of Northern Areas, Maj Gen Javed Hassan, comprised the team that was "collectively" responsible for the "Kargil debacle". He also said Kargil was not a viable operation. Monitoring Desk adds: Terming 'Operation Silence' in Lal Masjid a national crime, PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif demanded a probe should be launched into the incident to bring the people involved in to justice. "Many innocents were massacred in the operation," he said. Talking to Waqt News TV on Tuesday, Nawaz said that Pervez Musharraf should quit, as he was holding his office unconstitutionally. To a question about Kargil, he said a resolution should be tabled in the National Assembly about the issue. He said that he had taken steps in this regard to save Army's integrity. He said the conspiracy of the plane hijacking incident on October 12, 1999 should also be investigated. He further said that Pakistan could not be listed among civilised nations without the restoration of judiciary.