Of late, at some road crossings, the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has discontinued the use of traffic signals and instead they have started turning the lights on to the blinking position. According to the Islamabad Traffic Police this exercise is done on experimental basis for a certain period of time. Since they have so far managed the ever-growing Islamabad traffic rather well, there is no cause for complaint. Also, the switching over has neither resulted into any accidents nor has it caused any traffic jams on the particular road crossings. It has eased out the rush of vehicles and has helped maintain a smooth flow of traffic at peak traffic hours as well. However, one has noticed the fact that before doing away with the orthodox traffic signals and turning to the blinking system, no proper media campaign for public awareness has been launched. A well-planned campaign in the electronic and the print media would have not only educated the public at large but it would have also diminished the chances of any road accidents. It is never too late to mend. -RAFAT MAHMOOD ANSARI, Islamabad, May 25.