RAWALPINDI -A court of district and sessions judge on Monday directed police to nab the top officials of Adiala Jail for subjecting the inmates to severe torture and producing false statements in the court.

DSJ Kaleem Khan ordered the police to arrest Adiala Jail Superintendent Malik Mushtaq and Deputy Superintendent Arshad Warraich, assistant superintendent, head warden and warden for torturing the prisoners Mishal Khan and Arshad Mehmood, serving death sentence and Saeed serving life imprisonment. The three inmates approached court on May 27 pleading that the jail superintendent and deputy superintendent tortured them for refusing to pay extortion to the jail administration. They further told the court that there were high profile criminals who were involved in extortion and supplying drugs and other prohibited items inside the jail.

The court while hearing the prisoners, issued notices to the jail officials including Superintendent Malik Mushaq and Deputy Superintendent Arshad Warraich.

Resuming the hearing on Monday, the jail officials denied the allegations and produced a medical report prepared by the medical staff of the jail showing that no sign of torture was found on the bodies of prisoners.

The superintendent told the court that he did not torture any prisoner rather they were beaten by their fellow inmates during a scuffle broke among them. He also produced names of the prisoners whom he alleged for torture.

The court rejected the medical report and asked the inmates to bring a medical report from an outside laboratory. The court also asked the jail officials to produce the other prisoners who were accused of manhandling their fellow inmates. The complainants produced the medical report which confirmed that they have been subjected to severe torture.

On the other hand, when the accused prisoners appeared before the court, they said that neither they fought nor they tortured someone. “The jail officials asked us to sign here and we did,” they said. The court also pointed out to the superintendent that there is no date mentioned on the medical report.

The judge observed it was in court’s knowledge that prisoners were subjected to severe torture if they lodged a complaint.

The judge remarked, “If anything happened to these three prisoners, you will be sent behind the bars,” the court warned and ordered SHO PS Saddar Barooni to apprehend the superintendent, deputy and assistant superintendent, head warden and warden for producing false statement in the court.