New York - MO - It has been reported that Lindsay Lohan’s mother was paid $50,000 to take part in an explosive fight with her ex-husband Michael on a talk show the other day.

As previously reported, the parents of the troubled star were taping a segment for The Test - a talk show that uses lie-detector tests - while, of course, their daughter remained in rehab. The site reported that Dina got Lindsay’s permission prior to committing to the show, which is why she didn’t feel bad about it.

Apparently the money will be used by Dina to prevent the family home on Long Island from going into foreclosure. It really comes as no surprise, as the parents of the former Mean Girls star often seem to have used her position to put themselves in the limelight.

The Test is a conflict-resolution talk show launching this autumn in the US that uses lie detectors and DNA tests to settle disputes. By the end of the taping, Dina and Michael proved that no amount of negotiations can stop them verbally attacking each other.

The fact that the pair signed up to tape the segment for the show while their daughter is going through enough troubles of her own is curious in itself.

During the taping, the angry accusations began to flow when the topic of infidelity raised its ugly head, then the gloves really came off, according to TMZ.

This comes not long after Dina made public accusations, in January, that her ex-husband Michael physically abused her during their marriage.  Meanwhile, Lindsay is currently undergoing 90 days of court-ordered rehabilitation treatment at the facility in Rancho Mirage, California, after pleading ‘no contest’ to lying to police about driving during a car accident last June.