The number of women legislators taking veil has increased from two in the previous Assembly to four in the new legislature.

Bushra Nawaz Gardezi and Nighat Nasir Sheikh were the two ladies out of total 66 who would wear veil in the previous Assembly. Bushra could not make it to the Assembly this time as her party (PML-Q) did not perform well in the May 11 elections. But Nighat Sheikh who belongs to the PML-N is again in the Assembly on one of the reserved seats.

Yet Nighat is not the only lady in this Assembly clad in a veil. Three more ladies wearing veil have also joined the House. They are: Mohtarma Shah Jahan, Sumaira Sami and Gulnaz Shehzadi, all belonging to the PML-N. Probably, the house is in for some kind of a change, that may be seen by some of the more moderate elements within the society and the assembly as a retrograde development. 

The new women in burqa would have to prove their mettle given the fact that the two women members in the previous assembly had been able to put up an impressive show in the assembly so far as their duties as legislators was concerned. Nighat had the distinction of coming up with greater number of adjournment motions on a plethora of issues and also resolutions of public service. She along with Bushra has to her credit passage of some resolutions of public interest from the previous house. Lets see, whether the new women in Burqa live up to the people’s expectations?–Mubashir Hassan