ISLAMBASD - Ahmad Ahmadani -

National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra), jacking up the power tariff of Karachi Electric Power Supply Company Limited (KESCL), has increased its per unit price up to Rs1.82 under the head of monthly fuel charges adjustment.

Nepra conducted its hearing on Monday in a hotel at Karachi over the request of KESCL seeking monthly adjustment of fuel charges variation registered in the months of February and March, 2013 over power generation.

The regulator gave its approval to KESCL to increase the per unit price of electricity for February and March on certain conditions under which the regulator would conduct energy audit of the KESCL within three days.

During the course of NEPRA's hearing, the KESCL was of the stand that fuel cost variation appeared in the month of February stood at Rs363.332million while in March it was registered at Rs1, 741.407million.

Similarly, fuel cost variation of external generation sources was recorded at Rs9.117m in February while it was recorded at Rs526.484m in the month of March.

In this way, total variation was Rs354.216m in February and it was Rs2, 267.891m in March.

Besides this, the KESCL also told the regulatory authority that in February it had sent out 928.846million kilowatt-hours while 1,244.102million KWH was sent out to its customers.

After conducting a public hearing, the regulator made the per unit price up by Re0.38/unit for February while Rs1.82/unit for March under the head monthly fuel charges adjustment.

Sources informed the scribe that the KESC was getting electricity from the inefficient power plants of the KESCL while some plants of the power distributing company (KESCL) were lying idle or closed for a long time, which were more efficient in comparison to the power plants of Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA).

They also said that the KESCL is not relying on its own plants s not producing electricity in accordance to its capacity.