London - MOL - Some inventions change the world, while others simply make life a little easier.

These charming new mini plate rings (pictured below, £6.50 for a pack of ten reusable ones) most certainly fall into the latter category as they solve a very niche problem - so niche it may never have troubled you before.

Slip one on to your finger the next time you’re at a swanky party and you can perch a canape (they’re just about big enough for a devil-on-horseback) on the tiny plate.

This allows you to hold your champagne glass in the same hand and use the other for shaking hands.

The website writes: ‘How do you balance your pig-in-a-blanket with your Dom Perignon?

‘We’ve got the answer! Charming little plates by Fred & Friends with rings that fit right on your finger. Now you can balance your glass and your hors d’oeuvres, and look positively in control the whole time. Genius!’

One size fits most, and there are ten reusable plates per pack. Finally, an end to the awkward juggling of finger food.