Most of the educational institutions, running both in the public and private sectors, lacked basic facilities like cold potable water, fans, air-coolers and shadows for students in the prevailing scorching weather here in the city and adjoining areas.A survey conducted by local journalists on the repeated insistence of parents, revealed that administration of most of the government and private sectors schools were failed to make available requisite arrangements at their institutions for the summer season. The major issue of across the country is power loadshedding and private schools in this connection charge heavy fees but in return are not providing facilities of generators or UPS to students. As a result schoolchildren are compelled to sit in their classrooms in roasting summer.During survey, parents told to newsmen that the school had not well equipped as par the requirements of the season to make children comfortable while getting education. They said that there were no water dispensers to facilitate schoolchildren and they are forced to bring cold water from their home, which turn hot after maximum two hours.The parents demanded the education authorities to ensure best facilities in both the public and private sectors’ schools to provide a cordial learn atmosphere to students.SHOPS SEALED: The Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) has launched crackdown on illegal petrol shops here in the city and suburbs.In this connection TMA officer Regulation Nusrat Aman Bhatti sealed 36 shops for illegal sale of petrol in various parts of the City and adjoining area. Shopkeepers are charged heavy fines in this regard as per law and regulations to avoid violation of petrol sale.