Local amateur under-19 cricketer Saad Mushtaq Chaudhry drowned in Mangla Dam Lake during an abortive attempt to save the life of his friend here the other day.Ill-fated 15-year-old Saad, son of Muhammad Mushtaq Chaudhry and nephew of former Mirpur DBA president Ch Kamran Tariq lost life while trying to rescue his friend when he was drowning in deep waters of the dam at adjoining village Bhalote, located on the periphery of Mangla Dam’s reservoir.The friend was, whoever survived, but the rescuer Saad became the victim of the sharp currents of the lake.The youth was playing cricket at the bank of the lake when all of sudden the ball went into deep waters. The survived boy had jumped into the lake in search of the missing ball. And the deceased Saad lost the life while trying to save the life of his friend.Body of Saad, Class 10th students of local Pak Kashmir Institute of Computer Science, was later recovered from the dam.He was laid to rest in his ancestral graveyard in presence of thousands of mourners including relatives and the friends.