“Despite of all tall claims made by the authorities concerned against the ‘Naegleria fowleri’, one more citizen died of brain eating amoeba Naegleria on Monday.

According to reports, 20-year-old Mohammad Mohsin resident of New Karachi Town was admitted to Liaquat National Hospital Karachi (LNHK) with the symptoms of Naegleria fowleri’. He died of the fatal disease on Monday that has exposed the tall claims of the government about the protective measures for the citizens against the brain eating disease. N. fowleri disease is known as Primary Amoebic Meningoencephalitis (PAM). Naegleria loves very warm water. It can survive in water as hot as 113º Fahrenheit (46Cº). Naegleria can't live in salt water.–Syed Jafar Askari