ISLAMABAD - While mentioning the notable achievements of PML-N government, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has said that the government successful held the 3G/4G auction and achieved its target of financial gains of Rs 120 billion.

 He said that Rs 50-79 billion had been project in the budgets since 2009-10 but it never happened and this government finally made it happen. The auction will not only bring new technology in the country but also will create new jobs.

 Ishaq Dar said that a detailed study on the impact of 3G/4G technology on employment has estimated some 900000 jobs will be created in the next four years. “It may be noted that even though we have more than 130 million cell phones subscribers, we have less than 130 million cell phones subscribers, we have less than 10 per cent penetration of broadband which will make all smart phone connected to interned and thereby all users to take advantage of global connectivity”, he said.

 About the still available spectrum with the government, Ishaq Dar said that the government will auction the licenses next year again. He said that Pakistan had lagged behind in introducing new technologies but the present government had removed those obstacles.