ISLAMABAD -The incumbent govt has allocated Rs 525b for the public sector development programme (PSDP) for the upcoming financial year 2014-15.

The overall volume of the national development is Rs 1175b including a federal PSDP of Rs 525 billion and provincial annual development plans of Rs 650 billion for next fiscal year 2014-15.  The size of federal PSDP worth of Rs 525b for next financial fiscal year 2014-15 would be 23 percent higher than the revised development programme of Rs 425 billion of the outgoing financial year 2013-14. The break-up of Rs 525 billion revealed that Rs 422.78 billion would come from government’s resources and Rs 102.22 billion from foreign aid.  According to the budget documents, the size of federal PSDP is estimated at Rs 525 billion for next financial year 2014-15. The govt has allocated Rs 296.32b for 39 federal ministries for their development work to be carried out in next year. Meanwhile, the govt has kept Rs 175.176 billion for corporations like Wapda (power) and National Highway Authority. Similarly, the government has allocated Rs5 billion for Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Authority (ERRA) for the upcoming fiscal year. The govt has also allocated Rs 12.5b for Pakistan Millenniums Development Goals and community and development programme. The government has also allocated Rs 36 billion for Federal Government Programme/projects for provinces and special areas.

The break-up of Rs 266.63 billion for federal ministries revealed that government has allocated Rs 1.401 billion for Aviation Division, Rs 2.078 billion for Cabinet Division, Rs 1.81 billion for Capital Administration and Development Division, Rs 2.26 billion for Defence Division, Rs 937.3 million for Defence Production Division and Rs 3.451 billion for Education, Training and Standards in Higher Education Division. Similarly, the government has allocated Rs 11.062 billion for Finance Division, Rs 255.2m for Foreign Affairs Division, Rs 20.068 billion for Higher Education Commission, Rs 1.933 billion for Housing and Works Division, Rs 424.1 million for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Division and Rs 3.9 billion for Interior Division for the upcoming financial year.

Meanwhile, the government has kept Rs 21.357 billion for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Division, Rs 2.352 billion for Law Justice and Human Rights Division, Rs 26.814 billion for National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Services, Rs 51.475 billion for Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, Rs 230 million for Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority and Rs 32.878 billion for Planning, Development and Reforms Division and Rs 2.576 billion for Ports and Shipping Division for the next fiscal year.

Similarly, the government has allocated Rs 39.366 billion for Railway Division, Rs 19.1 billion for States and Frontier Regions Division, Rs 700 million for Suparco and Rs 43.427 billion for Water and Power Division (Water sector) for the upcoming fiscal year.  According to the documents, the government has allocated Rs 175.176 billion for corporations including Rs 63.613 billion for Wapda (power) and Rs 111.562 billion for National Highway Authority for the next financial year 2014-15.