A government official said that the citizens of Faisalabad produce up to 1,500 metric tone of solid waste in a day but Faisalabad Solid Waste Management Company did not capable enough for lifting and disposing of the entire trash.

“A comprehensive strategy has been evolved to improve the solid waste management here while steps are also being taken to educate the people in this regard,” said Managing Director Amjad Ali Awan.

He was addressing a meeting of businessmen and traders at Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He said that 3,000 workers did not suffice for 3 million people. “We have hired 250 workers on emergency basis while another 1,000 workers are expected to be recruited in the next financial year,” he said.

The waste has been piling up for years and become a hazard for health and environment, he said. He noted, “We have identified 60-70 unconventional sites and places and steps are being made to remove rubbish from these sites in a phased manner in addition to lifting waste from regular sites.”

He said that a two-third of the solid waste in Faisalabad was being recycled by private companies but the company had no role in the re-cycling. However, its role could be capitalised at appropriate time, he said. He maintained that first modern and scientific landfill site was being established over 150 acres near Khanowana which will become functional within next three years.

Earlier, FCCI President Engr Suhail Bin Rashid termed FSWMC a milestone in transforming Faisalabad into a neat, clean and green metropolis. He assured him of full support, and said that FCCI would play a major role in creating public awareness of cleanliness.