MANDI BAHAUDDIN- A PPP leader said that the PML-N government had failed to come up to the people’s expectations, and alleged that Punjab Minister Hamida Waheed was taking revenge on her political opponents.

Hasan Aslam was addressing the party workers at his residence at Lakhnewala. He said the government was not focusing public issues. Roads in the district were dilapidated and load shedding of electricity continued while consumers were facing shortage of CNG amidst high prices of POL products, he said. Price hike and poor law and order were not being controlled, he noted.

He alleged that the district administration had been high-jacked by the local politicians, especially by Punjab Minister Hamida Waheed. The government officials were pressured by the minister and her cronies who treat public servants as their personal ones.

He said the minister had full control over the district police and was using police powers arbitrarily to take revenge on her opponents. He alleged that the minister had implicated a number political leaders and workers who had supported the other parties in the last general elections in fake cases.