ISLAMABAD - Women in the country’s capital didn't seem to be much happy with the budget 2014-15 worth Rs3945 billion announced on Tuesday.

"Salaries should have been increased by 30 per cent: there is no relief in it, where are incentives for us?" The first budget by the current government was announced during its honeymoon period, but now, after elapse of one year, public expected more planning and preparation. For some people there was still a ray of hope in it but for some it was totally regressive.

"Increase in minimum wage rate from Rs10000 to Rs12000 and conveyance allowance to employees in Grade 1 to 15 is a good step but only 10pc ad-hoc relief to federal government employees is just a formality. We needed more respite as inflation and cost of living are still higher," said Sadia, a housewife.

In the new budget, the government announced not to impose new tax in case of sales tax and federal excise duty and measure to broaden the tax net. People hailed the proposals to make obtaining of National Tax Number (NTN), a compulsory condition for seeking commercial/industrial gas and electricity connections as it will help broaden the tax base. The proposal of exempting sales tax on high irrigation equipment and equipment for green house farming was welcomed as it will increase per unit area agricultural productivity due to technological interventions providing an advantage as a byproduct for green house impact. 5pc reduction in tax was also announced on wedding functions. "As before, again there is no attention on child care and education. More funds should have been allocated for education sector. But, rescuing HEC is a good gesture," said Noreen Gull, a teacher, adding "the focus on development be adjusted with priority to social sector development including education and health."