ISLAMABAD-Government has allocated Rs166.72 million for Petroleum and Natural Resources Division out of which Rs.116 million would be spent on construction of petroleum house in Islamabad.

In budget 2014-15, 152 million has been given to ongoing projects, whereas 14 million has been allocated for new schemes. Rs.20 million has been allocated for appraisal of newly constructed coal resources of Badin coalfield and its adjoining areas.

16 million has been given to exploration of coal in salt range Punjab, whereas 14 million has been allocated for the new scheme exploration and evaluation of coal in Raghni area, Tehsil Shahrig, Balochistan. According to PSDP document, during 2013-14, crude oil production in the country was 85000 barrels per day while gas production was 4.1 billion cubic feet per day (BCFD). The liquefied petroleum gas production remained at 1100 tons per day. During 2014-15, the crude oil production is planned to be 97590 barrels per day against 85000 BPD in 2013-14.

Gas production this year will be less than previous financial year. In 2013-14, the gas production was 4.1 BCFD whereas in 2014-15 the gas production is projected to be 3.8 BCFD The LPG production is expected to be 1200 tons/per day. The PSDP document also claimed that Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistasn and India (TAPI) gas pipeline project, LNG import project from Qatar and Iran -Pakistan pipeline project would also be expedited in coming year. About TAPI, the document claimed that as soon as sanctions on Iran are lifted Pakistan will start construction of line on Pakistani side. Iran has already completed construction of gas pipeline on its side.