ISLAMABAD - The PML-N government in its second federal budget 2014-15 taking number of popular and un-popular measures attempted to provide relief to the masses and at the same time put extra burden in terms of levying heavy taxes.

The incumbent government in its popular ideas has projected the economic growth at 4.14 percent, proposed increase in minimum wages 12000, increase BISP stipend to Rs1500, ten percent ad-hoc relief to all federal government employees, ten percent increase to government servants in Grade-1 to 15 etc.

While, the unpopular measures will badly affect the common man, as tax on cement, cigarette, sunflower canola, electronic appliances will be increased.

The highlights further reveal that the professionals including doctors and lawyers will be levied tax on their income. Tax on cash withdrawal, tax on foreign air tickets, tax on mobile phones, tax on CNG sector and even tax on purchase of property are the added ‘gift’ that would directly affect the common man.

The details of popular measures are below mentioned:

* Ten percent adhoc relief to all federal government employees from 1st July 2014

* Ten percent increase for Grade-1 to 15 drawing fixed medical allowance of Rs.1000 per month

* Five percent increase will be allowed in conveyance allowance to Grade-1 to 15

* The post of superintendent is being upgraded from Grade-16 to Grade-17

* One pre-mature increment will be allowed to employees of Grade-1 to 4

* The minimum wage rate is being increased from Rs.10,000 to Rs.12,000

* Increase in pension of government employees from Rs.3000 per month to Rs.6000

* Reduction in Sales Taxes on Tractors from 16 percent to 10 percent

* The government has projected economic growth at 4.14 percent

* The industrial sector last year has registered growth of 5.84 percent

* The foreign exchange reserves is pushing to $15 billion

* BISP stipend increased to Rs 1500 for the poorest of the poor

* Rs125 million have been allocated out of National ICT R&D fund to provide 500 scholarships.

* Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserve will increase to more than $22 billion next year

* The fiscal deficit to be brought to down to four percent of GDP by 2015-16.

* South-North corridor linking Sindh to up-country has been allocated

* 500 tele centres will be established in the four provinces and Islamabad

* Rs205 billion will be invested in water storage and energy sector

* Allocations for the Peshawar Northern-Bypass, Karachi Northern Bypass, Lyari Expressway

* Elaborate package of support and incentives is provided for the textile sector

* The government is introducing Credit Guarantee Scheme to encourage banks