ISLAMABAD-Without giving any date to end power loadshedding, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Tuesday announced around Rs 250 billion allocation for the water and power sector, out of which, Rs 42.43 billion has been allocated for water sector whereas 200.58 billion for power sector.

In water and power division, 81427 million rupees have been allocated for hydel projects, 22900 million for ongoing power generation projects, 500 million for new schemes, 39924 million for NTDC’s ongoing projects whereas 18867 million have been allocated for the new schemes.

Out of 13 new schemes, four projects are under process whereas four are still unapproved. Interconnection scheme for import of power from CASA-1000 is under process and 4000 million rupees has been allocated for this project in PSDP 2014-15. Jetty Infrastructure at Gaddani has been allocated Rs1000 million, power evacuation from Gadani to National Grid Fiasalabad 2820 million, and power evacuation from Gadani to National Grid Lahore has been given Rs 1000 million. These all three above projects are still unapproved.

For DISCOs, Rs.31502m has been allocated for ongoing schemes whereas 5460 m rupees have been given to new projects of DISCOs.For water sector Rs42554.480m has been earmarked for ongoing projects whereas 872 million rupees have been allocated to new schemes. Rs118b has been allocated under PSDP 2014-15 to overcome the energy crisis. WAPDA will mobilise additional Rs.137b from its own resources. Major allocation was given to Diamer Bhasha Dam project, Neelum Jehlum power project, Tarbela fourth extension, hydro power project, Golan Gol hydro project, Keyal Khawar hydro project, Nandi Pur power project and coal power plant at Jamshoro.

Rs 712 billion has been given to WAPDA/PEPCO for important projects including land acquisition of Diamer Bhasha Dam Rs15 billion, construction of 4500MW Diamer Bhasha Dam Rs10 billion, Neelum Jehlum Power Project Rs30 billion, Tarbela Fourth Extension Hydro Power Project Rs9 billion, Golan Gol Hydro Project Rs7 billion, 525MW combined cycle thermal plant at Chichonki Malian Rs2 billion, 747MW Guddu Power Project Rs8 billion, and installation of two new coal fired power plants of 660MW each at Jamshoro, Rs.9.3 billion.

Besides these projects, 48 billion has been allocated for the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, including Chashma Nuclear Project C-3, C-4, Rs 35.2 billion and Karachi coastal power projects with Rs.12 billion.

According to Annual Plan document, the electricity loadshedding caused substantial decline in economic growth.

The average supply remained at 14,400MW against the demand of 18400MW and the shortfall during April 2014 was due to fuel supply constraints and low hydroelectric generation.

It says that high fuel costs for thermal power generation, high losses in transmission and distribution inefficiencies of generation, below costs tariffs and non-payment of electricity dues by public and private consumers resulted in circular debt.

The document says that loadshedding will be eliminated by 2018 if new projects are completed on time.

According to reports, there are almost 30 percent line losses to total generation. State Minister for Water and Power recently announced that around 1200MW electricity is stolen on daily basis. An enquiry was called to investigate up to 1200MW electricity theft daily. State Minister alleged that National Transmission & Despatch Company, allied department of the ministry of water and power, was responsible for this theft. Results of that enquiry are still awaited.