The federal government has allocated Rs324 million for Narcotics Control Division in budget 2014-15.  According to the budget documents, the two new schemes of Rs31.812m have been proposed for development projects in Fata, through which Rs15m would be given to Bajaour and Rs16.812m to Mohmand Area.  Meanwhile, Rs292.488m have been allocated for the ongoing schemes including establishment of Drug Demand Reduction Cell in the Ministry of Narcotics Control Islamabad (Rs19.488m), Kala Dhaka Area Development Project, District Torghar (Rs96 m) , Khyber Area development Project Phase 2, (Rs90m) and Kohistan Area Development Project District Dasu and Pattan (Rs87m).–Staff Reporter

The budget documents have revealed that out of Rs324m, the Rs240m has come from foreign aid and the rest has been committed by the govt itself.

Furthermore, officials believe that Pakistan is trying to discourage drug usage with the help of foreign donors. They say that Afghanistan, which produces major portion of drugs, is affecting Pakistan badly. They asked for the sincere measures to curb the drug addiction and cultivation of it.