Notorious Chotu Bakhrani gang has started its activities of kidnapping for ransom in the Katcha area of the district. However, the police claimed to have killed three dacoits belong to the gang in a shootout occurred in the limits of district Ghotki here the other night.

According to police, the dacoits were involved in the killing of six policemen. An applicant namely Munawar, a resident of Machka area informed the police that he along with Ali Nawaz was on the way when four dacoits intercepted them near Peer Hazoori graveyard. The bandits took them to Katcha area where they released Munawar with the directions to arrange ransom amount for the release of Ali Nawaz e and introduced themselves to be members of Chotu Bakhrani gang.

Acting swiftly on the complaint, DPO Sohail Zafar Chattha and ASP Shabbir Ahmed Sathiar along with a police contingent started chasing the dacoits. However, according to the police, as soon as they sighted the police squad, the dacoits started firing on them which the cops retaliated.

Meanwhile, the dacoits crossed into the jurisdiction of police station Rooti, district Ghotki, Sindh with abductee Ali Nawaz.

On information, Ghotki SSP Ibrar Hussain Rind also reached the scene but dacoits started firing on the police with sophisticated weapons. Police also started firing and a shootout erupted which lasted for quite sometime. Resultantly three dacoits affiliated with Chotu gang were killed while one succeeded in fleeing the scene under the darkness.

The police recovered Ali Nawaz along with his motorcycle. Later, the three dacoits were identified as Mir Hazar alias Naswari, Akmal Korai and Mujeeb Gopang.