General it is said and desired that policies of any government should continue for achieving desired results and objectives. But to say that our policies will continue no matter who forms the next government after 2018 general elections apparently sounds strange and a sort of prediction as to who is going to be in power .

This is what Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said while addressing an international conference titled “ 9 per cent GDP Next Level and Beyond” organized by Jang Group/GEO Network in collaboration with the Board of Investment in Islamabad the other day.

According to the reports, PM Abbasi promised that Pakistan’s economic policies will continue without any disruption whichever political government comes into power, ours is second political government that is completing its full term, your investment will be safe, we have very mature legal system and you will have very high returns on your investments, over the last five years we have overcome various challenges including security and power, CPEC has a great potential and the western China is now accessible through our ports

Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing said that we express confidence for 9 per cent GDP growth, Pakistan can achieve this target, China is quite optimistic for future development of Pakistan and will be contributing in 9 per cent GDP growth of Pakistan, CPEC is moving faster while focusing on infrastructure development.

Besides Chinese Ambassador, ambassadors of friendly countries Germany, Britain, Japan and Turkey as well as representatives of various international and national companies, and investors also expressed their views speaking quite highly about Pakistan’s economic policies and achievements and also put forth useful suggestions which should be duly taken note by the Board of Investment to follow these up with respective countries for availing maximum benefits.


Lahore, May 8.