It has been many decades since the people in the Kashmir valley continue to face hurdles and killings by the so-called Indian personnels. And the situation in the Kashmir valley has been more tense since the killing of the familiar rebel commander, “Burhan Wani” in 2016. 

According to reports,451 people including 125 security forces,108 civilians,217 militants and one pro-government personnel were killed in 2017.In fact, Kashmir issue remains the core issue between Pakistan and India. 

To me, Kashmir issue cannot be resolved until the other countries would help Pakistan and India on the negotiation table. But the recent visit of the Indonesian president Joko Widodo in Pakistan and addressing a joint sitting of the Pakistan’s parliment, President Joko Widodo said that Pakistan and Indonesia will be working hand to hands to resolve the Palestinian conflict without mentioning the Kashmir issue. 

According Mr reports, The Indonesian president came here directly from India where he was the chief guest at the country’s 69th Republic Day grand parade. The Indonesian president didn’t mention Kashmir Issue, perhaps, those countries who love the relation with India do not want to oppose India, do not mention the issue. 

But as the Indonesian president said that history is witnessed to the fact that any conflict in the world would not have been resolved by military or by weapons but negotiation or dialogues. Thus, India and Pakistan can reslove whole the issues through dialogues, including the Kashmir issues. 


Turbat, May 7.