The KP-FATA Merger has paved way towards a bright future for the people of FATA. The tribal people will now get rid of centuries old draconian law known as Frontier Crime Regulation (FCR) that prohibits freedom of expression and speech and this will ultimately contribute to information economy, which is absent in this region since becoming part of the country. 

They will also get out of the isolation syndrome that is preventing them from change and thus they will embrace physical and emotional development. By becoming part of KP, the almost 10 million population of tribal areas will add to KP and that will increase the province share in the NFC Award because it goes to the provinces on the basis of population. The mainstreaming will open up FATA to business, tourism, communication, if not immediately, at least after a few years and people will experience a positive change. 

Also geographically, KP and FATA are connected and dependent on each other for education, health, business, and communication. If someone has to go to Orakzai from Bajaur, he has to go through Peshawar and Kohat as there is no direct road between these two. And there is even no direct road that connects all agencies. Making such road is next to impossible because one has to break the mountains that are separating agencies. The KP Government and FATA Parliamentarians will always be remembered as saviors of FATA in the days to come. 


Lahore, May 1.