Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice Chairman Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that the time has come for the PTI to make a decision not take those on-board who are inviting and receiving offers from different sides.

“If they are accepted, new Pakistan cannot be created. PTI will have to re-arrange its ranks. We’ll have to bury the politics of MPA and MNA and do the politics of new Pakistan,” he added while addressing a big gathering of traders and workers here the other day. He said that the PPP and PML-N got approved resolutions for creation of two new provinces in South Punjab and both the parties possessed adequate number of members in the assemblies but still they did not create the provinces. He maintained that the roads of Multan were broken, sewerage system collapsed, healthcare and education facilities were missing but still the rulers went ahead to start Metro bus project. “Our question is that what are the priorities of the rulers?” he posed a question.  He declared that if the PTI got the opportunity, he would pay back to this region or otherwise quit politics. He said that he used to meet with foreign ambassador and there was no lack of confidence between Imran Khan and him on this topic, asking the media to refrain from twisting these news.

He said that it was an issue of concern that the people have lost their confidence in institutions despite the fact that the country is being run by a democratic government and courts are functioning. He added that we needed to understand that taking the support of military courts at a time when there existed an elected prime minister and the constitution were indications of what. He said that eight million people voted for bat in recent elections and they were the people who were tired of rulers and parties ruling them since long.

He said that 80 per cent of trading community of Punjab was affiliated with the PML-N in the past but they changed their mindset for the first time as they saw national politics taking a new turn. He added that the youth, intellectuals, women, farmers and traders of Punjab expressed a new behaviour which indicated the beginning of change. He said that the traders were well aware of the economic condition of the country and they knew that the credibility of Pakistani institutions dipped seriously on international level. “Today the intellectuals have started discussing in their sittings as to whether Pakistan is a failed state or its creation was a mistake,” he added. He said that the traders and citizens wanted to pay taxes but they had lost their trust in the institutions as major portion of tax money went into the pockets of officers and heads of departments.

He said that only PTI could materialize the dream of turning Pakistan into a prosperous and developed country. He said that the youth joined PTI in big numbers because they were concerned about their future

Earlier, a major trader leader Khawaja Suleman Siddiqui announced to join PTI along with the representatives of 80 trader bodies.