LAHORE - Punjab University Law College Faculty members have called upon Chairman Syndicate/PU Vice Chancellor to address their victimisation by former In-charge Principal Samee Uzair Khan in the upcoming meeting of Syndicate.

In their resolution dated 25-02-2015 vide diary number 335, PU Law College teachers have alleged that Samee Uzair was involved in seditious activities that tarnished the image of the Law College and unnecessarily victimised the faculty. During his tenure, Uzair was involved in misappropriation of college funds and used absurd and abusive language against the female faculty and there were witnesses to the fact, they added.

“In order to pressurise and harass the faculty, Uzair has always exploited his resources and resorted to coercion and intimidation by mobilising his sources maliciously through a student organisation,” they maintained.

In a separate complaint, Law College’s Assistant Professor Naeemullah Khan has alleged that Uzair, while exercising his influence, has compelled him to publish his name as co-author in the research article which was exclusively his work. Upon refusal, Uzair started bullying him publically in presence of other faculty members, he further said in his complaint.

He also alleged that Samee Uzair planned to humiliate him and his colleague Imran Alam, through the hands of IJT, put him under hostage on gunpoint, which was reported by the media. He held that the incident caused him great mental torture. He further alleged that another faculty member, Shahbaz Cheema, was supporting Uzair in his nefarious actions.

On the other hand, PULC Assistant Professor Dr Amanullah Malik alleged in his written complaint that Uzair included his name as co-author in his research articles. Firstly he could not resist but finally refused the unethical demand of co-authorship, on which he started facing Uzair’s intimidating behaviour, he said.

Amanullah also alleged that during his leave without pay to India during winter vacations 2012, Uzair abused him physically and made him suffer in a false and forged criminal case to which many of his colleagues were witness.

Both the faculty members have demanded the vice chancellor to initiate a disciplinary inquiry against the accused.