S:     The segregation of the sexes has to end. Women need to be made a part of social life at a national level.

A:     I think they should be given the right to work, but they need protection. I understand why women are told to stay indoors.

S:     Ameen, don’t you see that those who tell them to stay indoors, are the same who cause the problems outdoors?

A:     Who? Rapists, gropers, harassing colleagues?

S:     Men, Ameen. Men.

A:     Look, men will be men.

S:     Well they have to stop, we have to stop.

A:     Sadiq, would you take your sister or mother to Hall Road if they wanted to buy DVDs or a phone?

S:     No. They will only feel isolated, and will probably be groped or harassed.

A:     Thus segregation of the sexes is the only solution.

S:     The segregation is what has caused such desperate behaviour in men. If Hall Road had only female shop owners, no man, woman, or child would feel harassed. The separation is unnatural and has caused the men of our society to turn into horrors, from serial gropers to paedophiles.

A:     Paedophiles? There is a huge difference between those two.

S:     Look, when men don’t have any female companionship they are going to exploit boys.

A:     Let me get this straight, you are saying that when women can't be exploited, little boys will.

S:     I’m saying that unnatural barriers create unnatural situations. A man who does not have the morals to respect a woman just because she is not his wife, mother, daughter, or because she has the audacity to be visible, is not going to care about young children either, who are more accessible especially where people are poor and street children are rampant.

A:     Well you can’t change culture in a day. I’d rather protect my sister and mother.