Rawalpindi - Sustainable Social Development Organisation (SSDO) has started a door to door campaign to engage the community for raising the demand of completion of buildings of two government degree colleges at Dhoke Syedan.

The government should ensure the commencement of classes in both colleges in September this year.

The Youth Accountability Ambassadors of SSDO met with local communities including trade unions, religious leaders, local political activists, media organisations and members of provincial and national assembly to join this campaign.

Executive Director SSDO Syed Kausar Abbas said this while talking to media yesterday. Kausar Abbas said, “We are trying to play a final round for the completion of these two buildings which were started 10 years ago in 2007.”

He said that after a campaign of SSDO, the planning and development department of Punjab approved Rs 9 million funds for girls college and Rs 25 million for boys college in January 2016 but the building department and education department could not start the tender process and construction of both colleges. He said that the government departments are adopting delaying tactics to avoid the completion of both colleges during this financial year.

Kausar Abbas told that he is in touch with XEN building department Liaqat to get updates about the status of approval of tender process but he always gives lame excuses due to which there is a chance that the funds will be lapsed.

He said that the government should take immediate notice to include the scheme in upcoming annual development plan and ensure the completion of buildings in September this year.