LAHORE-Sonu Dangerous is the rising star in the spectrum of dancing and singing who gained popularity for his unique dancing and singing style.  He has been performing frequently in fashion shows and concerts in Pakistan as well as other countries including USA and UAE. Sonu told The Nation that at ARY Digital show at Bahria Town he performed with his band name ‘The Dangerous Troupe’. There are five members in his band.

Along with dance performances he also recently held dance? workshops recently in Karachi Arts Council. He also conducted workshop by Actor Studio Karachi at Karachi Arts Council. In addition to that, he has performed in MTV awards in India for the last couple of years and has also bagged MTV award.

Apart from performing in the concerts he also enthralled audiences in the political motivated shows. For example he recently performed for Pak Sar Zameen Party at the public concert at Mazar-e-Quaid.  He performed his hit tracks Farebiyan, AJa and dance performances MJ Robot. He had been associated with the music industry since early 2000 and through his creativity in dance he quickly carved a niche for himself. “I first time saw the dance of Micheal Jackson and as my group’s name is also dangerous so it became associated with me and my group. I have performed with number of actresses of Pakistan. I recently performed in Bahar-ke-Rang exhibition organized by Shahzadi in April at Four Point Sheraton Hotel, Burj Dubai. It is a fashion exhibition where international and local exhibitors showcase and promote their labels,” he said.  Sonu said he performed singer and actor Ali Zafar, Mathira, Humaiyun Saeed, Meera and number of other actresses and actors.  Sonu famous songs which went viral and hit the records included ‘Farebiyan di rani’, ‘Ashiq’, ‘Aja vey aja’, ‘Raasta’, ‘Diwana dil’, ‘Bay rang’,

‘Tanhai’, ‘Crazy zamana’ and ‘Dilruba’. He also sang a duet song with singer Alvena Shah tilted ‘Desire’ which was a hit on social media. Currently he is working on a new video the song for which he himself has sung.