While addressing a press conference today Federal Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan said that the government has rejected the opposition parties’ Terms of References (ToRs) with regards to the Panama Leaks probe. 

Nisar accused the opposition parties of changing their position on the original ToRs and said that the opposition parties are fixating over Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in their latest set of demands.

He said PM Nawaz Sharif was the first one to react on Panama Leaks before any action by the opposition.

“Many ministers in the ruling party actually thought that since the PM’s name is not in the papers so he should not address the nation. They thought it will overhype the issue. The PM still addressed the nation and announced the Judicial Commission and judges of high reputation were contacted for the commission.”

Nisar said the judges turned down the offer because of the chaos created by the opposition.

“We accepted all opposition demands from FIA investigation to writing a letter to Supreme Court and it was hoped that game of allegation and media trail will end. The opposition has shifted from their demands after we accepted them.”

Nisar said the matter is being unnecessarily politicized.

“This whole issue is being politicized and from one specific group of the opposition, a specific individual is targeted,” he said. “Their target is not corruption. When all demands were accepted, then they started to criticize the ToRs. Most of the people don’t even know about them.

“What more can the PM do? He has already said that if corruption worth even a single paisa is proven against him, he will go home. Which ToR can be bigger than this?”

The Federal Minister further requested the opposition to not turn this issue into chaos and resolve it amicably.

While talking about women harassment in the PTI rally at Lahore, Nisar appealed to the media to give the photos of the guilty, vowing to hunt them down through NADRA.

“These incidents only happen in PTI rallies. So its leadership should not put allegation on others,” he said. “The same is the case for offshore companies. Those who have accounts in those companies should not raise the fingers on others. This is a big opportunity to indulge in accountability and reveal tax details of everyone, including PM who has presented himself in front of the Commission. The PM has also offered to present his children in front of the Commission.”

Federal Law Minister Zahid Hamid further added that the ToRs presented by the opposition are disappointing. “PM’s name is not even in the Panama Leaks, which ICIJ has also clarified. Then how can he can be investigated?” he asked. “ToRs have only targeted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif which is totally illegal and unacceptable,” the law minister maintained.