SIALKOT-Jamiat Ulema Islam (JUI-S) Ameer Maulana Samiul Haq has demanded enforcement of the Islamic punishments such as chopping of hands for the persons proved to be involved in corruption, instead of sending them home.

Addressing the party workers in Daska and Sialkot, he said that the corrupt elements should be awarded Islamic punishments to stop corruption. He stressed strict accountability of every corrupt person in the country not of a few persons.

He flayed the PTI for bringing women to its public meetings, saying that it was the most condemnable act. He said that PTI was using women as their political tool for making the PTI public meetings successful.

He said that it was the right time for the Muslim to be united and shun their differences for the glory of Islam and curbing all the anti-Islam conspiracies.

He said that the rulers must tender apology to the nation for their past political mistakes. He said that the time was high for them to make decisions in the national interest and take the nation into confidence over all the crucial issues.

He accused the government of creating the energy crisis in Pakistan. He said that both America and India have again become united to weaken Pakistan in every sphere. They were patronising and promoting the insurgents in Sindh and Balochistan.

Samiul Haq said that the nation should come out of slumber and take to the roads to oust the plunderers from the power. He criticised the government policies, saying the rulers were least bother to mitigate the sufferings of the masses. The corrupt rulers are unable to solve the public problems as they were busy in looting national exchequer.

He asked the people to stand up against the corrupt rulers as they were unable to overcome the national crises. He said that the politicians have tarnished the country’s image at the international level by committing record corruption.

Later, addressing a Difa-e-Islam Conference at Daarul Aloom Madnia Daska Kalan, he strongly criticised the West for its anti-Islam conspiracies and especially for promoting sectarian violence in Pakistan. He said that the West was behind the sectarian violence in the country.

He narrated that Islam is the religion of peace, which gives the lessons of peace, love, brotherhood, unity and faith. He said that the religious seminaries across Pakistan were the places of peace, where Islamic education is given.

ELECTIONS: The Working Journalists’ Ettehad Group won the annual elections of Sialkot Press Club (SPC). According to the official results announced by the SPC Election Commission, Anwar Hussain Bajwa was elected as chairman, Abid Hussain Mehdi was elected as senior vice chairman (SVC), Ch Rasheed Ahmed elected as general secretary, Mian Ashfaq as vice chairman-I and Syed Imran Sadiq as vice chairman-II.

Faazal Bukhtiar Qureshi was elected as finance secretary, Jamil Chaudhary as joint secretary and Bashir Ahmed Butt, Danish Khan, Shehzad Sana Ullah, Sakhawat Mughal and Javaid Saleem Dar were elected as the members of the Executive Committee.

WEATHER TURNS PLEASANT: The sizzling hot weather turned pleasant as the entire Sialkot region received light rain.

It remained dark cloudy with blowing winds. The people enjoyed with the pleasant weather. However, the wheat growers suffered great ordeal due to the rain followed by heavy wind storms as the wheat crop was damaged by the rain and windstorm. The Sialkot MET office has forecast more rains in Sialkot region during the next couple of days.